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Graide Color Curves
for VEGAS Pro and
VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum

Color correction and grading with 12 color curves and 2 color models

including VAT

Part of the Graide Bundle

Two color models

Graide Color Curves extends your creative possibilities with two color models. In addition to the classic RGB curves for red, green, and blue, it has curves controlling brightness, saturation, and hue.

More possibilities

Control saturation based on hue or hue based on brightness, limit image saturation, highlight just one single color, and much more!

Curve editor

Graide Color Curves comes with its own settings window. Many usability features such as zooming, panning, snapping, axis locking, direct number input and copy/paste make curve editing both easy and super-precise.

Color picking

Whenever you need your curves to influence a very specific part of the image, the color picking features lets you place the right curve nodes quickly and easily.

Studio RGB processing

Graide Color Curves's native support for studio RGB material keeps even the most complex grades legal without manual conversions.

Effect strength

Found the perfect grade but it's a bit too heavy? Set the effect strength between 0% and 200% for optimal results.

Try it today! The free trial version runs for 21 days and is fully functional.