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Graide Color Match
for VEGAS Pro and
VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum

Quickly and easily match color and brightness between different shots.

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Part of the Graide Bundle

Graide Color Match
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Whether you're a professional or an ambitious amateur – Graide Color Match will change the way you color-correct your footage. With its automatic color matching capabilities, you will often achieve with few mouse clicks what previously required tedious parameter tweaking. Spend less time with the technical details and more with telling your story.

Graide Color Match is a video effect plugin for Vegas® Pro and Movie Studio Platinum. Right in your timeline, you can

  • match shots that have been recorded with different cameras, different camera settings, or different lighting conditions,
  • use color reference charts for matching shots,
  • even out brightness and color changes over the course of a shot, and
  • transfer color and brightness from one shot to another.

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