SeMW Extensions
SeMW Extensions
for VEGAS Pro

Free extensions for Vegas® Pro


Preview levels

The preview levels extension enables you to switch the video preview between an unaltered view and one with a limited value range (“Studio RGB”). To achieve this, it adds Sony Levels as a video output effect and switches its preset or disables it depending on your preview setting.

Render progress

The render progress extension displays a status window with additional information during a render operation. It also has the option to pause a render operation and keep the partial output file when the render is canceled.

Split and heal

The split and heal extension offers commands for splitting events on selected tracks and for healing events that have been split.

Event streams

The event streams extensions offers a command for restoring deleted events for audio and video streams. It checks whether the selected events are grouped with a video/audio event. If they are not, it restores the corresponding video/audio event. This command is meant for when you have added media with both video and audio streams to the timeline, ungrouped them, deleted either the video or the audio event, and later decide you need that event after all.


When the fixes extensions is active, you can enter 8 bit values – values from 0 to 255 – into OFX color value boxes by separating the individual components with a slash (/). Also, the fixes extension makes the Folder box in the Render As dialog editable so you can enter a path directly or paste one from the clipboard.

Configuration window

You can enable or disable individual extensions in the configuration window. You can also change the language setting for Vegas® Pro and the SeMW Extensions. Select the Tools/Extensions/SeMW Extensions menu item to open the configuration window.